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Western Folklore, Vol. 76, No. 2 mailed to membership

Volume 76, Number 2 (Spring, 2017), the most recent issue of Western Folklore, was mailed on April 17, 2017; please allow three weeks for delivery (foreign mail may take up to two months).

Three students awarded travel stipends at 2017 Annual Meeting

The WSFS awards up to three Elliott Oring Student Travel Stipends to students coming to the conference to deliver a paper. At this year's meeting, the three recipients were Andrea Glass (Pennsylvania State University; “Postcards, Pussy Hats, and Protest Pins: Documenting the Folklore of Resistance in Central Pennsylvania”), Annamarie O'Brien (The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg; “Type AMEN if You Believe: Prayer Posts and Vernacular Spiritual Aesthetics”), and Jacob Wolbert (University of California, Berkeley; “Protective Spheres: Sacred and Secular Practices of Establishing Musical Space”).

WSFS introduces expanded membership class for members with limited income.

WSFS is pleased to announce that we are expanding the $30/year membership rate for students and retirees to include those who are on limited income for any reason (adjunct professorships, for example, may qualify). This rate category went into effect as of calendar 2017 (Volume 76, et seq.).

WSFS keeps 2017 membership/subscription rates steady for individuals, rates for institutions to go up.

As announced earlier to our institutional subscribers, subscription rates were raised $10/year for all institutional subscriptions, foreign and domestic. Rates for individual members have not been increased.. Please refer to the Publications page for the current (2017 et seq.) rates.

WSFS now accepting applications via email and payments via PayPal

WSFS is pleased to announced that applications downloaded from this website may be submitted electronically by email to the Business Manager and payments may be submitted for immediate processing through PayPal. Visit the Membership page for details.

Membership benefit: JSTOR access to folklore journals

All members of the WSFS will be able to get access to the JSTOR archive of the back issues of Western Folklore and other folklore journals for a payment of $15/year. Visit the News page for details and a link to the AFS page for subscribing to JSTOR.