WSFS Membership

Western States Folklore Society (formerly California Folklore Society) is open to academics and nonacademics alike; anyone interested in folklore and in the purposes of the Society may become a member. The Society offers the following types of membership:

Regular Membership: Anyone paying the annual dues of the Society, currently $40 per year. Regular Members are eligible to vote in all Business Meetings or special ballots, and receive Western Folklore, the official organ of the Society, as well as all other regular publications of the Society.

Joint Membership: A couple may enjoy the privileges of membership in the Society for $60 per year. Only one copy of Western Folklore is sent, but each member may vote in all elections, and may serve on the Executive Committee or Board.

Student Memberships: Upon proper identification a student may be eligible for a Student membership at a special discount rate of $30 per year. Student Memberships carry the same benefits as Regular Memberships except that Student Members cannot be elected to the Board. However, Student Members can be elected to the Executive Committee to fill the offices of Student Vice-President.

Retirees are also eligible for a special discount rateof $30 per year. Retired Memberships carry the same benefits as Regular Memberships.

Institutional Membership: The Society invites educational and other interested organizations to apply for Institutional Membership at $50 per year. Institutional Members receive Western Folklore and other Society publications, but do not have voting privileges, nor are they eligible for election to the Executive Committee.

Life Membership: One may become a Life Member by paying $600. Life members have full voting membership in the Society, may serve on the Executive Committee or Board, and receive the Society’s organ, Western Folklore, and all other publications of the Society as long as they live.

Please add US$10.00 to the above rates for all subscriptions mailed outside the United States.

An application for membership (PDF) may be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the button at the top of the navigation panel. You may print this out and submit it by surface mail to

Elliott Oring
Business Manager, Western Folklore
P.O. Box 3557
Long Beach, CA

Send address changes and any questions regarding memberships and subscriptions by email, to Elliott Oring at

All changes of address must include both the old address and the new address.