Titles for Review

Every issue of Western Folklore includes reviews of folkore-related books, films, and other media presentations. We welcome all inquiries and are especially pleased to hear from graduate students, junior faculty, public folklorists, and independent scholars who wish to contribute a review. Submission deadlines are generous and negotiable, but those interested in seeing their review in print are advised to consider the editorial deadlines indicated on the article Submissions page. Reviews follow a standard format, a description and an example of which may be found by clicking the Review Guidelines button at the bottom of the navigation bar to the left.

The list below provides titles available for review in Western Folklore. If you are interested in reviewing one or more items, please send a note to our Book Review Editor, Kristiana Willsey, at reviews@westernfolklore.org. Please include a CV and/or brief biographical statement about yourself with your request. If you are interested in reviewing a work that is not on the list, please contact the review editor that address. Be sure to provide author, title, and publisher so that the editor can find the book you want to review. Any works you review are of course yours to keep.

Some titles have affinities of subject or theme that potentially draw them together. Reviewers who wish to cover two or more related titles in a single review may write a combined review.

To obtain descriptive information about any title, click on the title to visit the publisher's page.

Serious Nonsense Serious Nonsense: Groundhog Lodges, Versammlinge, and Pennsylvania German Heritage William W. Donner
City of Neighborhoods City of Neighborhoods: Memory, Folklore, and Ethnic Place in Boston Anthony Bak Buccitelli
Places for Happiness Places for Happiness: Community, Self, and Performance in the Philippines William Petersen
Ho-Chunk Powwows Ho-Chunk Powwows and the Politics of Tradition Grant Arndt
Affective Ecologies Affective Ecologies: Empathy, Emotion, and Environmental Narrative Alexa Weik von Mossner
Outsider Art Outsider Art: Visionary Worlds and Trauma Dan Wojcik
Tales in Context Tales in Context: Sefer ha-ma'asim in Medieval Northern France Rella Kushelevsky
Quilts of Southwest China Quilts of Southwest China Marsha MacDowell and Lijun Zhang, eds.
Chol Folktales Chol (Mayan) Folktales: A Collection of Stories from the Modern Maya of Southern Mexico Nicholas A. Hopkins and J. Kathryn Josserand, with Ausencio Cruz Guzmán
Navajo Textiles Navajo Textiles: The Crane Collection at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Laurie D. Webster, Louise I. Stiver, D. Y. Begay, and Lynda Teller Pete
Magic in the Modern World Magic in the Modern World: Strategies of Repression and Legitimization Edward Bever and Randall Styers, eds.